Through Christ in the Spirit to the Father (Eph. 2:18)
'Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly with your God'.   Micah 6:8
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Practicalities for Reading at Sunday Mass
  1. At the end of the first prayer (Collect) both Readers leave their seats and meet at the front centre of the main aisle. Together they genuflect and proceed up the step on to the sanctuary.

  2. Reader 1, i.e. The Reader for the first Lesson and Responsorial Psalm approaches the lectern, while Reader 2, i.e. The Reader for the Second Lesson, and Bidding Prayers goes to the bench, on the left of the Sanctuary, and sits.

  3. When the First Lesson and Responsorial Psalm have been read, Reader 1 goes to the bench to the left of the Sanctuary, and sits.

  4. Reader 2 now approaches the lectern and reads. Then place the book on the shelf below. (to allow the priest to place the Book of the Gospels on the lectern). Please ensure the ribbon is left in place at the correct page; having done this they resume their seat on the bench behind them.

  5. After the Creed, Reader 2 returns to the lectern and reads the Bidding Prayers, allowing the priest to introduce them and pray the final prayer.

  6. After the Bidding Prayers, both Readers return to the front centre of the main aisle, genuflect and return to their seats.

    It does not matter which route you take to the front centre of the main aisle to join your fellow Reader, before proceeding up the step on to the sanctuary i.e. making use of the side aisle and across in front of the front benches, or up the centre aisle to the front. However, it is important that both Readers come to the front centre, stand and genuflect together, before they step on to the sanctuary. Similarly, both should return to the main body of the church together, genuflect together at the front centre aisle and then return, by whichever route suits them, to their seats.

    For weekday Masses, in approaching the lectern for the reading the same procedure as applies for Sundays, should be followed.

  7. Please prepare your readings in advance to ensure that you can present the Scripture intelligently. If you understand what you are reading and prepare the reading in advance it will be all the clearer

  8. Read clearly and distinctly. Project your voice. The microphone does not amplify the sound, it merely relays it. If you read clearly, it relays clearly. If you mumble it relays a mumble. Read with clarity, simplicity and reverence. You are presenting the Word of God to his people. Nervousness is quite inappropriate, you are reading to the family of faith.